Industrial carts and equipment must have wheels made to endure the wear and tear experienced in a factory, warehouse or other similar environment. A phenolic wheel is one option for factory owners looking for wheels suited for a tough environment. Look at five benefits of phenolic wheels to see if these would be the right choice for you and your industrial carts, equipment and other forms of factory transportation.

Non-Marking Material

This type of wheel is designed to roll over a floor without leaving black marks behind. This is important for keeping the floors in a workplace in good condition for workers and other types of equipment. Plus, long, black marks left behind by other types of wheels can cause the floor to degrade which may result in damage to vehicles and even possible serious injury to workers.

Withstands High Temperatures

The atmosphere in a factory or other industrial work environment can become extremely hot. This is especially true if materials are being melted or furnaces are at work throughout the facility. Wheels made with this material can withstand very hot temperatures while continuing to perform as they should. So, the work in a factory can continue on schedule and the owner doesn’t have to contend with any costly delays due to malfunctioning wheels.

High Load Capacity

Phenolic wheels are designed to carry the heavy loads common in an industrial work environment. Metal parts, large pieces of heavy equipment and industrial pipes are just a few examples of the heavy loads transported in a factory or warehouse environment. Using these types of wheels means an owner or project manager can have peace of mind about the security of a piece of equipment or products being hauled through the facility. Using the right type of wheels on transportation used within an industrial work environment can prevent an owner from losing money due to an accident or spilled products.

Resistant to Corrosion

Oil, grease, solvents and acids are just some of the materials that can end up on a factory or warehouse floor. They can be spilled or dripped during a project or perhaps as the result of an accident. Sometimes other vehicles with different wheels leave these types of material on the floor after traveling through. So, the wheels on vehicles and equipment traveling across the floor must be resistant to those and other harmful substances. Phenolic wheels are resistant to corrosion caused by these toxic materials. If there is a spill that is not completely cleaned away, these types of wheels will be able to withstand the harmful effects of these materials.

Reasonably Priced

These types of wheels are reasonably priced especially considering the important work they do in a factory or other industrial environment. Getting a collection of these wheels for various vehicles and equipment is an investment that can pay off for owners in the long run. If costly items are regularly transported in your factory, then these wheels would play a major part in keeping your property secure.

Lastly, choosing these wheels means you can be assured that the vehicles traveling through your warehouses are secure. No matter what you must move, these wheels have the capacity to handle the job.

Five Benefits of Phenolic Wheels