Every house has its own cleaning challenges. Whether they are presented by pets, small babies and children, or just a very busy owner with a crazy work schedule, these challenges will need to be resolved on a regular basis.

If you are in utter need of help, you might consider hiring a professional house cleaning service. If you prefer to cope on your own but are looking for advice on where to start, here are some tips on how to handle your house like a pro.

Go for Multipurpose Products

Household supplies manufacturers always aim to sell you more stuff by creating lots and lots of products which you can use on one kind of surface only. Since it is easy to fall in the trap of getting these products when we need them, before we know it we are stuck with a ton of chemicals that are rarely or never used.

The trick to avoid getting into this situation is sticking to only what you really, really use on a daily or weekly basis, and buy the multipurpose cleaner option where possible. Try to find an  all-purpose disinfectant that can clean both your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, or even serve as a window cleaner. Hunt down that floor cleaner that will make both tile and wood floors sparkle.

Buy the Right Tools

The same goes for the tools you use when cleaning. Stacking up on a special one for every nook and cranny will simply create clutter and make you feel overwhelmed. Truth is, you can achieve that magazine-cover home simply with the help of a few sponges, quality microfiber, a good vacuum cleaner, a mop, a duster, and a few scrubbing brushes.

New Life for that Old Toothbrush

Don’t throw that old toothbrush out just yet, simply because you bought a new one. Funny as it may sound, it is hard to find a better all-purpose cleaning device, provided the bristles still have some life left in them. If they do, there is no better way to get to those hard-to-reach areas and get rid of even the toughest grime. It’s also a great and simple way to clean your vents. So just keep your old one when you buy a new toothbrush. You never know when and where it might come in handy.

Organize your Cleaning Products Stash

Once you get your supplies, how do you organize them? If you want to clean like a pro, make sure you keep all your products right where you need them. Having to look for a product or tool all over the place is a real waste of time.

Get a cheap shower organizer and fill it with what you use the most, so it’s easy to grab it and fix the mess in any room.

Clutter clutter, Off you Go!

Most homes are full to the brim with clutter. Getting rid of all that excess stuff is the first step to a clean house. In order to start dusting for example, you need to find where to put all your books and magazines before you polish those shelves to a squeaky clean.

If you have difficulty figuring out where your stuff should go, you can ask a cleaning company, such as Clean Affinity Home Cleaning Services of Portland, to provide you with a decluttering service.

Establish a System and Follow It

Don’t just enter a room and immediately start cleaning. Have a plan as to how to go about it as effectively as possible. And the key to that is having a system.

It’s important to stay focused on the task at hand, eliminate distractions and avoid jumping to other things before you have wrapped up what you are currently doing.

Clean the current room top to bottom and only then move on to the next.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner Efficiently

Believe it or not, you could speed up vacuuming by a simple hack – that of plugging your vacuum cleaner at a central location in your house, so that you could go from room to room without having to go back and unplug, then plug into another socket in order to continue.

If your cord is not long enough to cover all the areas you need to clean, an extension will do the trick.

Click here to see if you are making any of these vacuuming mistakes.

Make Your House Smell Fresh

Most household products leave your house smelling of a lab or hospital yard. You can avoid that by preparing your own cleaning solution. Good housekeeping has some pretty nice tips on how to do so at


You can use baking soda and vinegar, for example, and then throw in a few drops of some nice smelling essential oil, such as  ylang-ylang, orange, lavender or lemon.

Take Care of Grease

Grease builds up everywhere over time, not just the kitchen. It will be on light switches, door knobs, cupboard handles, you name it.

You can quickly and easily wipe this off with a tissue, soaked in degreasing or disinfectant liquid. Just wipe off the spots often enough so that you don’t have to scrub away at a huge buildup if you put it off for too long.

Wash the Windows

Even if a room is neat and tidy, if the windows are left out of the equasion it totally ruins the overall impression and feel. There are a lot of ways to clean them, but it’s best to pick one depending on glass size. A balled-up newspaper will do the trick for smaller windows, but larger ones definitely require a squeegee (the ones coming with a long handle).

In the latter case you will save time and reach all areas of the window, without climbing up on a ladder or chair.

Pet Odors need to Go

You can always tell upon entering a house whether or not it’s a pet household, right? Well, that doesn’t always have to be the case, and there is also a solution to keep a furry friend at home without having to

compromise on the clean smell.

Just use white vinegar and baking soda to pull the odour out and then sweep and vacuum the area to remove any remaining soda particles.

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