Over the years, a lot has been said about bioethanol fireplaces and the potential impact the fuel will have on the traditional wood burning stove market.

We recently stocked a range of bioethanol fireplaces from Decoflame, a renowned Danish manufacturer and we want to give you an idea of the benefits you stand to accrue by choosing one of their fireplaces. In doing this, we also want to draw your attention some of the considerations you should make while purchasing a bioethanol fireplace.

Advantages Of Bioethanol Fireplaces

No Fumes, No Smoke, No odor

When you burn bioethanol, it only produces a small amount of water vapor and CO2. As such, it does not produce smoke, soot, or any odor. You do not need a ventilation or chimney. This kind of performance makes it an eco-friendly choice, especially when you compare it with wood, charcoal, or coal.

No Mess

Maintaining a wood burning stove is a chore. There is a lot of cleaning involved and this can be tiresome. However, when it comes to bioethanol fireplaces, there is no cleaning to do.

Simple Installation

Many of the bioethanol fireplaces we have on stoke are easy to install. Other work right off-the-shelf with no assembly needed. However, we also have others that are custom built to your exact specifications.

Easy To Use

To use bioethanol fireplaces, all you need to do is to add the fuel as directed. Thereafter, making sure there are no spills, you can light the flame. In a few minutes, the flame will catch on. That is it.

If you are after impressing, or convenience, Most automatic fireplaces come with a mobile app to control the fireplace, giving incredible levels of control. If you want to know more check out this post from ethanolfireplacepros.com



A bioethanol fireplace is as safe as any other open fire. However, considering that the produce a live flame, you need to think about how to cover the flame.

Bioethanol Is Flammable

In comparison the log of cured wood, bioethanol is certainly more dangerous. However, when you use it as instructed, there is little to be concerned about.

Primary Source Of Heat?

While some will say that bioethanol fires do not produce as much heat as traditional fuels such as wood and their use is primarily as decorative pieces, we truly believe that they can meet your heating demands. Whether or not you can use them as your primary source of heat, will depend on the model you choose as well as the size of the room you are heating. Make the right choice, they will suffice.

Long Lasting?

Typically, the bioethanol fireplace will burn for about 4 to 6 hours before depleting its fuel. To refill, the fireplace needs to cool off completely.

No Sound No Smell

Depending on who you are and your home, this might be an advantage but for others, this will be a disadvantage. For some, they are perfectly happy with a noise-less and smell-less fireplace. However, for others, the combination of fireplace crackles and smells are an important part of a fireplace.

A Guide to Ethanol Fireplaces