Clean House Mastery for Beginners

Every house has its own cleaning challenges. Whether they are presented by pets, small babies and children, or just a very busy owner with a crazy work schedule, these challenges will need to be resolved on a regular basis.

If you are in utter need of help, you might consider hiring a professional house cleaning service. If you prefer to cope on your own but are looking for advice on where to start, here are some tips on how to handle your house like a pro.

Go for Multipurpose Products

Household supplies manufacturers always aim to sell you more stuff by creating lots and lots of products which you can use on one kind of surface only. Since it is easy to fall in the trap of getting these products when we need them, before we know it we are stuck with a ton of chemicals that are rarely or never used.

The trick to avoid getting into this situation is sticking to only what you really, really use on a daily or weekly basis, and buy the multipurpose cleaner option where possible. Try to find an  all-purpose disinfectant that can clean both your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, or even serve as a window cleaner. Hunt down that floor cleaner that will make both tile and wood floors sparkle.

Buy the Right Tools

The same goes for the tools you use when cleaning. Stacking up on a special one for every nook and cranny will simply create clutter and make … Read More