How to Use the Space Under Your Stairs

When home owners think about updating their stairs and hallway, they tend to focus only on tasks such as replacing the stair balustrade, handrails, spindles and newels for a fresh new look. But there is so much more that can be done to improve this area, especially if you are short of storage.

One possible solution could be staring us right in the face – the space under the stairs. Here are a few suggestions for getting the most out of this all-too-often neglected resource:

Play den

How often have your kids complained that they have nowhere to play? Children love hidden nooks and crannies, so converting the cupboard under the stairs can be a great alternative to an outdoor play house – especially in winter.

If possible, cut windows and a doorway into the side panels of the staircase. This will allow light in and stop the den feeling claustrophobic. Strips of leftover curtain material stapled to the windows make a nice homely touch.

Use a beanbag or some large cushions to create a comfy seating area. Finally, encourage your little ones to personalise their new hideaway with some books, toys and, if there is room, a small desk for drawing or writing.


If you’re tired of having to pick your way over discarded bags and coats in the hallway when you get home, think about converting the area under your staircase into a cloakroom.

Even if there’s only a shallow nook, it’s usually sufficient for a few

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The All-Mighty Circular Saw

Large circular blades and loud noise can intimidate DIYer beginners, but do not let that scare you off one of the most useful electrical tools in any workshop.

Circular saws are the most widely used electrical appliance. You will see it in every jobsite construction, because the application is very much. It means that circular saw has many used and application to be used for construction job. There are so many maintenances for home and construction projects that will take some benefits from the existence of circular saws. From tearing plywood sheets to cutting 2×4, a circular saw with good quality will able to make any work of all types of wood become easier.

These are several types of circular saw, below you can find these types.

Cordless Circular Saw

Like most other electrical appliances, the first circular saw used power cable as its power source. Along with the development of technology, this tool also experienced product development. The battery technology that has advanced also helping this product become more stable and more flexible to used. Without cable, this cordless circular saw helps us to work on any situations.

Cold Circular Saw

Driven by a crank and has various types of medium-capacity engines with automatic operation to large hydraulically operated hydraulic machines. Hacksaw is the most commonly used machine because of its simple design and small operating costs. Saws of this type are usually placed on the floor with a cooling water tank with a pump at the bottom. The … Read More

Clean House Mastery for Beginners

Every house has its own cleaning challenges. Whether they are presented by pets, small babies and children, or just a very busy owner with a crazy work schedule, these challenges will need to be resolved on a regular basis.

If you are in utter need of help, you might consider hiring a professional house cleaning service. If you prefer to cope on your own but are looking for advice on where to start, here are some tips on how to handle your house like a pro.

Go for Multipurpose Products

Household supplies manufacturers always aim to sell you more stuff by creating lots and lots of products which you can use on one kind of surface only. Since it is easy to fall in the trap of getting these products when we need them, before we know it we are stuck with a ton of chemicals that are rarely or never used.

The trick to avoid getting into this situation is sticking to only what you really, really use on a daily or weekly basis, and buy the multipurpose cleaner option where possible. Try to find an  all-purpose disinfectant that can clean both your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, or even serve as a window cleaner. Hunt down that floor cleaner that will make both tile and wood floors sparkle.

Buy the Right Tools

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Tracing Problems in Home Windows to Restore Efficiency

Living in Canada means that residents have to take a lot of measures to fight against harsh weather conditions. They usually have to give special attention to windows and doors as they are primarily responsible for blocking cold air drafts to enter or block the way of scorching sunlight. Whether it’s summer or winter, the key is to maintain good condition of windows so that there would be reduced energy consumption.

It doesn’t matter if owners replace one window or those in the entire property. Small changes can even make a difference however, investment is quite significant. Just keep in mind that home windows should remain workable and efficient from every aspect.

At Total Home Windows and Doors, clients are rest assured that they do not waste money on unnecessary tasks, meaning that their hard-earned money would not go in vain. Since the company aims at maximizing clients’ satisfaction, they strive to increase satisfaction, comfort and security with high quality products.

Indicators to Window Replacement

Now the question is that how to find out the suitable time to replace windows? Here are some indicators to look at:

  • Age of windows: Do the windows still have warranty? Or have they already passed the useful life?
  • Thermal performance: Does the internal temperature remains consistent as compared to outside?
  • Visual pass: Are they any visual changes or damages to the window frames? Chips? Warp? Although these signs do not lead to replacing home windows but, it’s necessary to go for significant repair or
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Five Benefits of Phenolic Wheels

Industrial carts and equipment must have wheels made to endure the wear and tear experienced in a factory, warehouse or other similar environment. A phenolic wheel is one option for factory owners looking for wheels suited for a tough environment. Look at five benefits of phenolic wheels to see if these would be the right choice for you and your industrial carts, equipment and other forms of factory transportation.

Non-Marking Material

This type of wheel is designed to roll over a floor without leaving black marks behind. This is important for keeping the floors in a workplace in good condition for workers and other types of equipment. Plus, long, black marks left behind by other types of wheels can cause the floor to degrade which may result in damage to vehicles and even possible serious injury to workers.

Withstands High Temperatures

The atmosphere in a factory or other industrial work environment can become extremely hot. This is especially true if materials are being melted or furnaces are at work throughout the facility. Wheels made with this material can withstand very hot temperatures while continuing to perform as they should. So, the work in a factory can continue on schedule and the owner doesn’t have to contend with any costly delays due to malfunctioning wheels.

High Load Capacity

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Picking Out the Best Window Shutters

Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, windows are the soul of any home. A home’s windows must be decorated well in order to make the entire space feel harmonious and welcoming. One of the most popular types of window coverings are shutters. Shutters have been used for centuries all over the world. Using shutters has many advantages. A set of shutters can block out light completely or let it in. A set of shutters can also be gently moved in order to allow in some light and make the space feel soft and warm. If you are looking for window shutters, you’ll want to think about many factors before you begin your search including the size of the shutters and the material you like best.

Wooden Shutters

One of most popular kinds of materials used for shutters is wood. Shutters made from wood are popular because wood is a natural material that fits in well with other natural materials like cotton and glass. Wood shutters are also easy to clean, often requiring only a quick dusting and a bit of water and soap to help make them look as good as new. Wooden shutters can be found in many sizes. Large sizes are best for a large room with many elements in it. A series of smaller shutters may work better in smaller spaces that have only a few small windows, such as a basement or attic. For more information on shutters, visit

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