The Siamese Connection is provided with the intention that if the water used is used up, the fire team can inject water from the car into an existing hydrant installation or because the fire pump cannot be operated.

Sprinkler installation is an installation where each floor of each building has a head sprinkler equipped with a Flow Switch on the main pipe

This flow switch functions as a detector. When the break head sprinkler causes the water to flow through the sprinkler, the water flowing through the pipe will move the flow switch to send a signal to the Fire Alarm System to turn on the bell alarm.

The sprinkler head will work (broken) if there is a heat concentration exceeding 68ºC in the area where the sprinkler head point is installed, after the sprinkler head is broken automatically, the water media held by the head sprinkler will be emitted through the head sprinkler for fire security consultant suppression.

In the installation of a sprinkler before heading to the mainline floor a pressure reducing valve is also usually installed, which is intended to reduce high pressure to work pressure (the maximum limit of the head sprinkler’s ability to withstand pressure).

In order to operate the system properly, operators are strongly encouraged to follow the steps below:

Operation of the Fire Pump is recommended automatically.

The Jockey Pump function is to keep the water pressure in the installation system stable, so that if there is a slight leak in the pump, valve and other equipment in the installation, the Jockey Pump will return to the specified pressure.

Given the function of the jockey pump as a stabilizing pressure in the installation, it is highly recommended that the operation be adjusted automatically.

The steps are as follows:

The function of Electric Pump is to pump water from Fire Tank to all hydrant sprinkler installations in the event of a fire. Electric pumps must be operated automatically.

The way the Electric Pump works is as follows:

The Diesel Pump function is to pump water from the Fire Tank to all hydrant and sprinkler installations in the event of a fire and a power outage that results in the electric pump being unable to function. The diseased pump must be operated automatically.

The hydrant is enabled by installing Hose and Nozzle and opening the Pillar Valve.