A Guide to Ethanol Fireplaces

Over the years, a lot has been said about bioethanol fireplaces and the potential impact the fuel will have on the traditional wood burning stove market.

We recently stocked a range of bioethanol fireplaces from Decoflame, a renowned Danish manufacturer and we want to give you an idea of the benefits you stand to accrue by choosing one of their fireplaces. In doing this, we also want to draw your attention some of the considerations you should make while purchasing a bioethanol fireplace.

Advantages Of Bioethanol Fireplaces

No Fumes, No Smoke, No odor

When you burn bioethanol, it only produces a small amount of water vapor and CO2. As such, it does not produce smoke, soot, or any odor. You do not need a ventilation or chimney. This kind of performance makes it an eco-friendly choice, especially when you compare it with wood, charcoal, or coal.

No Mess

Maintaining a wood burning stove is a chore. There is a lot of cleaning involved and this can be tiresome. However, when it comes to bioethanol fireplaces, there is no cleaning to do.

Simple Installation

Many of the bioethanol fireplaces we have on stoke are easy to install. Other work right off-the-shelf with no assembly needed. However, we also have others that are custom built to your exact specifications.

Easy To Use

To use bioethanol fireplaces, all you need to do is to add the fuel as directed. Thereafter, making sure there are no spills, you can light the flame. In a … Read More

Pros and Cons of Using Wrought Iron for Driveway Gates Compared to Stainless Steel

There’s a big difference between stainless steel gates and wrought iron gates. In this article, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials, their strengths and their weaknesses. We will also discuss the cost of using them, the durability, cost of maintenance and the aesthetics.

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Wrought iron versus stainless steel

Before we compare the two materials, we need to figure out the difference between the two materials. Here is some helpful information on the background of stainless steel and wrought iron and the difference between the two. The difference between stainless steel and wrought iron is the amount of carbon in the material. Both are made from iron, but stainless steel is made from both iron and carbon, creating a mixed metal called alloy.

If we talked about overall strength, stainless steel is much harder compared to wrought iron because of the presence of carbon in stainless steel. While stainless steel is a much stronger material, it is very rigid and can give problems that we will discuss later.

The pros and cons of using the wrought iron over stainless steel when making a driveway gate.


Iron is much easier to form

One of the main advantages of using iron compared to stainless steel is that you can quickly build metal in any shape you want. Because of this, iron is much cheaper to use to make wrought iron driveway gate than use stainless steel. It also … Read More

4 Ways to Stay Neat and Organized as You Remodel

Remodeling can be a chaotic process. The good news is that you can take certain steps to prevent the mess from spiraling totally out of control. If you’re planning a remodel in the near future, here are just four ways to keep it clean!

1. Protect Your Floors

Your floors are going to take a beating as contractors and tile-layers move all around your property. Make sure that you’ve looked into the different kinds of floor protection for remodeling. For example, plastic sheets might be enough for carpeted hallways, but you’ll need a special, extra-durable floor covering for concrete basement floor.

2. Keep It Contained

Don’t let the activity of your renovation spill into other rooms. Section off the doorways so that no one wanders into clean spaces by accident; create walkways for your contractors so that they know to stay on your floor coverings. By preventing messes before they begin, you can save yourself a lot of time on future clean-up.

3. Cover Your Furniture

If you’ve looked at any pictures of a renovation, you’ve probably seen the couches and tables draped with fabric or vinyl sheets. This isn’t for aesthetics; the covers serve a practical purpose. They keep dust, dirt and drywall from sticking to your furniture as you knock walls down and splatter paint everywhere, and they also serve as warning signs for contractors who might not have otherwise noticed that ottoman low to the floor.

4. Maintain a Binder

Binders are one of the easiest … Read More

Fire Damage Services That Matter

If your home ever catches on fire, there are many different available fire damage repair services to help your property get back into good condition. A professional company can access your unique situation to determine exactly what you need.

Structural Damage

If your home has structural damage, it will need to be repaired before it is safe for you to go back into it. If supporting walls, your roof, or anything else is damaged, professionals will be able to fix the situation so that you can safely return home as soon as possible.

Smoke Odor and Soot Damage

Smoke damage can leave a lasting scent in your home that could bother your breathing. Soot can leave a black residue over your belongings and make your property look like it has been through an extreme ordeal. Professionals can help get rid of the smoke scent so that you can breathe easy and do what is possible to remove soot from your property.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the hidden problems that can occur after a fire. Although it takes water to put out the flames, water also soaks your property and belongings. It is important to remove all standing water that is left behind to prevent mold from forming. Once your property is dried out, you can have peace of mind that mildew and other problems will not arise as secondary issues from the water damage.

Problems from fire damage can be small or they can be devastating. A … Read More

What Is Involved In Getting Custom House Layout Program?

The very first order of business is purchasing a great deal. A really custom residence layout is specifically created for the great deal it sits on. A survey will certainly be required before the custom residence style can begin. If it is an older residential property there must be one in the shutting files.

Currently there is some residence style homework to do also before purchasing a lot. You need to understand exactly what you want in the house as well as what the footage objective is to understand exactly what dimension the lot needs to be.

This research is the very first step in your home layout. No matter how talented the designer they hinge on you for it to be a custom-made style with interaction being the key. So do not be reluctant regarding supplying whatever you have actually gathered or produced whether it be photos, notes, spreadsheets or anything else that assists offer what you desire. Whether you provide a lot of material or none in all though it is the developers responsibility to go over anything appropriate to the project.

The preliminary style conference meeting(s) will certainly be to entirely specify your dream home.

The video footage will certainly determine the cost more than anything else and need to be the very first factor to consider. The number of tales as well as exactly what outside design as well as coating product needs to be specified. Each room ought to be reviewed to figure out the … Read More